While we know how life-changing our program is, it's the experiences and first-hand account of real campers and parents that show just how special it is!
  • "No improvements necessary! Awesome summer camp. This is his 5th summer with Benchmark. Hands down...the best!"
  • "He was very happy with all the activities, but especially the zipline and Innovation Lab!"
  • "No way to improve perfection! You guys have it down!" 
  • "The Rec program was not the reason we came to the camp, but we understand now how integral it is to your program and success. Great job!"
  • "The Language Arts program helped push Steven a little past his safe zone. He is now not afraid to read a book with more than one sentence on a page. And he loves the Rec Program; he is already talking about next year. "
  • "Evie appeared to really benefit from the daily writing work. She learned to self-edit and be reflective about her written work. She just loved the Rec program! She became a much stronger swimmer and overall a more confident kid. She really enjoyed the social aspect of Rec."
  • "My son loved the program.  He says, 'it was awesome!'" He is positive about reading and feeling more confident about his skills. You are doing a fantastic job! We were sad to say 'goodbye.' We can't wait for next summer!"
  • "I have seen a big improvement in my son's reading. This is the first time I have ever gotten him to sit and read silently to himself for 30 minutes. He loved it."
  • "I believe this says it all: 'Mom, I love reading!'"
  • "I am in awe of how and what you do for these children. "
  • "Deanna has taken on the responsibility of reading for 30 minutes a day. For the first time ever she has completed a book from beginning to end by herself."
  • "Benchmark Camp was nothing short of amazing. We will be back next year."
  • "I saw a real love of writing from Connie this summer. She seems eager to tell me about the stories she is writing. The zip line was a huge self-confidence booster for her. She didn't think of herself as strong or athletic but this summer she proved to herself that she is - and can do ANYTHING!"
  • "Our son is only six years old and this was his first camp experience. He took to it and the Language Arts program right away. The people really make Benchmark special. Everyone we had contact with was wonderful - the teachers, the JCs, the counselors, and, of course, Mr. Reichart. Don't change a thing!"
  • "Honestly, we are SO impressed by your program and are blessed to have had our son take part in such a positive experience! Thank you!"
  • "The program was amazing. Our son's progress has improved dramatically; his confidence is through the roof. The teachers and counselors did an amazing job! Thank you."

2023 Summer Season

June 26-July 28, 2023


Early bird 10% discount applies to current Benchmark students and siblings registering for full-day and half-day camp only through March 31, 2023.

"I wouldn't change a thing. Andrew loved going to camp every day. Camp really built his self-confidence and decreased his frustration with reading and writing. He enjoys all the recreation activities, but swimming and Discovery Club were his favorites." 

I can't say enough good things about your summer camp. It was an incredible experience for Jess. Thank you so much!