Language Arts Program

Strategy Instruction: Executive Function Skills and Self-Knowledge

Students in our summer program are introduced to strategies that will help them become more successful learners by developing executive function skills such as time management, flexibility, persistence, active involvement, reflectivity, and organization.

Small classes comprised of a head teacher and teaching assistant work with up to ten students, tailoring instruction to meet each child's needs. Teachers are guided throughout the session by Benchmark's experienced supervisors who teach, observe instruction, and meet with teachers to discuss each child's needs and progress.

Children are also introduced to strategies that will help them become more successful readers, writers, and learners. Our trained faculty places an emphasis on helping children understand those characteristics of their learning styles that either impede or enhance their reading, writing, and learning.

Explicit instruction, goal setting, goal review, and reinforcement are ways we begin to help children develop awareness of learning strategies that will help them become successful in school and in life.

Reading Instruction

Small group instruction, word-identification instruction, read aloud sessions and independent response-to-reading activities are ways in which teachers introduce children to strategies that will help them become successful readers, writers, and learners.

Through a supportive learning environment that facilitates success and lots of positive reinforcement, children build confidence in themselves as learners.

Writing Instruction

Just as with reading, we work to develop children's confidence, motivation, and skill as writers. Experts in process writing suggest that developing these qualities involves providing students with ample time to write, giving them regular responses to their writing, and offering them choices of writing topics.

Using these methods, we see children make positive changes in how they perceive and approach the writing process, even in a few weeks.

2023 Summer Season

June 26-July 28, 2023


Early bird 10% discount applies to current Benchmark students and siblings registering for full-day and half-day camp only through March 31, 2023.

Alex had a wonderful summer. He thoroughly enjoyed the entire program. I actually think he preferred the language arts portion to the rec, which I think is a testament to the program. We’ll definitely be back.

Parent, July 2019

Summer Math Tutoring

Tutoring by Benchmark Math Specialists is available for students in grades 1-8, both in-person at Benchmark and via Zoom.