Setting New Benchmarks: A Strategic Vision for the Future 2015-2020

Benchmark School is dedicated to making a profound difference in the lives of bright students who learn differently or have yet to unlock their full academic potential. For nearly half a century, Benchmark has been a recognized leader in innovative education. Setting a course for the future, the school will continue to create dynamic instructional practices and establish new educational standards. Benchmark’s pioneering educational model is a proven approach that transforms students’ lives by empowering them with the essential strategies, self-knowledge, and confidence not only to succeed but also excel in a complex and ever-changing world. 
In June 2015, our Board of Trustees approved this strategic plan to chart Benchmark School’s course for the next five years. Driven by a forward thinking team and based on input from faculty, parents, students, alumni, camp families, professional educators, and other members of the Benchmark community, its purpose is to ensure a future where the school continues to transform students’ futures and empower their success. The key areas of strategic focus are embedded in the following goals:
GOAL 1: Serve as leaders in the education of bright children who learn differently.
GOAL 2: Develop students who are globally aware and prepared to excel in a complex and ever-changing world.
GOAL 3: Nurture the growth of our exceptional educators.
GOAL 4: Cultivate a robust and diverse student community.
GOAL 5: Expand our community’s connections, collaborations, and engagement.
GOAL 6: Secure our long-term financial future. 
We appreciate the opportunity to share this plan with you and look forward to partnering with a wide range of individuals and groups in its implementation.  To view the complete Strategic Vision 2015-2020 plan, click here.