Arts, athletics, robotics, and so much more

Putting the extra into extracurricular. From the arts, clubs and athletics, there’s a whole lot of extra to the extracurricular activities offered at Benchmark. Our campus provides a beautiful, natural setting for students to learn, play, develop talents, and build the foundation for successful futures. In this welcoming, close-knit community, students who learn differently can feel accepted, make friends, and join in a rich array of activities that make learning fun and rewarding for all.
Everyone gets to join in. An inclusive school culture means that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the academic, athletic, social, and extracurricular activities—everything from art and robotics clubs, the 8th Grade Rocket Launch, to the much-anticipated Middle School musical theater production, and school-wide field day.

“Play is the highest form of research.” (Albert Einstein)  At Benchmark, we recognize the intrinsic relationship between playing and learning. Research reveals a strong relationship between physical activity and academic performance. Time spent at play is critical to a student’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. In addition to play time before school as well as during recess, a variety of athletic offerings are available at every grade level to keep children engaged and fit.

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After School Guided Study
For a nominal additional fee, students may attend Guided Study, Monday through Thursday, until 4:00 PM. Guided Study provides an opportunity for students to work on homework in a quiet setting with Benchmark teachers providing supervision, assistance, and encouragement. 
1 day/wk - $150
2 days/wk - $250
3 days /wk - $320
4 days/wk - $370
After School Activities
(no fees required) 

A variety of activities are offered each trimester until 4:00 PM.

Activities Club
Art Club
Board Games
Cheerleading Club
Genius Club
Girls Club

Junior Golf
Senior Golf
Indoor Soccer
Junior Soccer
Confidence Course Club
Robotics Club
Running/Hiking Club
Spanish Conversation Club
Sports Club

Ukelele Club
Sports Teams (co-ed)
JV Soccer
Varsity Soccer