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Extracurricular Activities

Everyone gets to join in. 

At Benchmark, we provide many opportunities outside the academic day for students to learn, play, and find new interests. After-school activities also provide opportunities for friendships to develop across grades and ages.

Club and activity offerings vary each trimester. Some take place before school, some after.  Some, such as the Better Builders Club and the Snack Attack Club, offer a once-a-week experience, while others such as Robotics Club and the Middle School Musical Club, provide a more intensive experience.

Clubs and activities are free of charge.  


Activities Club
Art Club
Better Builders Club
Board Games Club
Book/Makers Club
Golf Club
Indoor Soccer Club
Lego Club

Mindful Drawing
Middle School Musical Club
Rainbow Alliance Club
Robotics Club
Running/Hiking Club
Snack Attack Club
Super Smash Brothers Club
Super STEAM Club
Ukelele Club 


Benchmark School offers co-ed athletics, with a sport available each trimester. Learn more about our Benchmark Bobcats.

Benchmark Athletics

Guided Study

For a fee, students may attend Guided Study, offered Monday through Thursday after school until 4 p.m. Guided Study provides an opportunity for students to work on homework in a quiet setting with Benchmark teachers providing encouragement, supervision, and assistance.