Benchmark COVID Quarantine Policies

Illness Quarantine

Benchmark School requires that your child quarantine for 14 days from the date of probable or confirmed exposure to an individual who is COVID-19 positive. 

If your child or family members begin to show symptoms or have a positive test result, please contact our school nurse, Marie Schueren, as soon as possible. 

Travel Quarantine

Benchmark Requirements

Any Benchmark faculty member, staff, or student who travels internationally will be required to get a COVID test as soon as possible upon returning to Pennsylvania. 

The international traveler may return as soon as a negative test result is received. Student test results can be submitted to

International travelers who are not tested upon returning from out-of-state may choose to quarantine for 10 days in lieu of testing.

Required Notification

If your family will travel internationally, please notify us of your travel dates as soon as possible so we can make arrangements for remote learning during the quarantine period.