Highlights from the Benchmark Magazine

Summer 2018

  • Message from the Head of School: Changed for Good: How to Make Change Happen  // Read Now
  • Feature: Life-Long Connections: Alumni Find Meaningful Ways to Stay Connected to the Benchmark Community // Read Now
  • The Importance of Play: Opportunities for Free Play Show Cognitive Benefits for Middle School Students // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Jesse North // Read Now
  • Why We Give: Bill & Kristin Becket // Read Now
  • Alumnae Profile: Lauren Pyle '04 // Read Now

Winter 2018

  • Message from the Head of School: Everything is  a Gift: The Power of Gratitude and How to Cultivate It  // Read Now
  • Feature: Nurturing a Sense of Community: Benchmark Introduces New Community-Building Initiative with Three "House Communities" // Read Now
  • Design Thinking in Progress! From Clubs to the Classroom and Everywhere in Between // Read Now
  • Discovery Starts Here! Benchmark Breaks Ground for State-of-the-Art Innovation Space // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Drew McCorkell // Read Now
  • Why I Give: Patti & Michael Semerjian // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Dan Berger '93 // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Nicholas Romeo '04 // Read Now

Summer 2017

  • Message from the Head of School: Fall Seven, Rise Eight": The Importance of Grit to Success and Fulfillment–Part 2 // Read Now
  • Feature: Partnering with Parents: Benchmark's Child & Family Support Services Department Teams Up With Parents to Offer Support and Guidance // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Sue Arabia // Read Now
  • Why I Give: Kate & Mark McAllister // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Kimberly Dyer Martin '83 // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Justin Shipley '95 // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Adam Smith '95 // Read Now

Winter 2017

  • Message from the Head of School: It’s Not About Talent, It’s About What You Do With It: The Importance of Grit to Success and Fulfillment–Part 1 // Read Now
  • Feature: The Pursuit of Numbers: Benchmark’s Math Curriculum Empowers Students to Take Charge of Learning // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Adam Lemisch // Read Now
  • Why I Give: Kimberlee Orth // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Jonathan Saruk '94 // Read Now

Summer 2016

  • Message from the Head of School: The Foundation for Achieving Everything You Want for You and Your Children: Perceiving Issues with Clarity and Focus // Read Now
  • Feature: How Have You Grown? Final Reflection Portfolios Help 8th Grade Students Define Where They've Been, Where They Are, and Where They'll Go // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Kristina Reisinger // Read Now
  • Why I Give: Annie Jones // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Joseph Caruso '86 // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: David Caporaletti '83 // Read Now

Winter 2016

  • Message from the Head of School: Thriving in the Second Machine Age: The Challenge, the Path, and the Education that Makes It Happen // Read Now
  • Feature: Learning to Pay Attention: How Mindfulness Practices Can Provide Benefits in School and Life // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Rosanne Crowe // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Ted Levin '99 // Read Now
  • Alumna Profile: Tori Schelling Gregson '98 // Read Now
  • Alumna Profile: Vanessa Kauffman '99 // Read Now

Summer 2015

  • Message from the Head of School: Moving to the Executive Suite: Helping Children Develop Executive Skills //Read Now
  • Feature: Learning to Soar // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Joyce Ostertag // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Jackson Gordon '08 Creates Functional Batsuit // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Joshua A. Bell '85 // Read Now
  • Alumna Profile: Amber West Buller '84 // Read Now

Winter 2015

  • Message from the Head of School: Waiting for a Valid GPS Signal and Its Relevance to Strategic Planning // Read Now
  • Feature: Getting Techy! // Read Now
  • Why I Teach: Wayne Reichart // Read Now
  • Why I Give: Jami Wintz McKeon // Read Now
  • Alumna Profile: Emily Kimelman '93 // Read Now
  • Alumnus Profile: Andrew Repasky McElhinney '93 // Read Now

Summer 2014

  • Message from the Head of School: Organizing My Thoughts: Using the Action Cycle to Facilitate a Deep Understanding of History (and Beyond!) // Read Now
  • Teaching Teachers: Benchmark Welcomes Aspiring Teachers in to the Classroom // Read Now
  • Guiding the Way: Counselors Focus on Supporting Students and their Families // Read Now

Winter 2014

  • Message from the Head of School: Considering the Issue in Question: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Learning // Read Now 
  • West Family Speaker Series at Benchmark: Author Nicholas Sparks Tells His Own Story // Read Now
  • Noted Architects Bill and Chris Sharples ('77): Success Built on a Benchmark Foundation // Read Now 
  • Middle School Faculty Partners with Parents for Student Success // Read Now