Face Shields for Front Liners

Face Shields for Front Liners

You’ve heard the news: medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis are in desperate need of personal protective equipment, including respirators and face shields. Benchmark School was proud to donate the use of our Makergear 3D printer to a local volunteer group, PPE Fab Crew, who are dedicated to creating equipment for Philadelphia-area hospitals in need.

According to PPE Fab Crew, small 3D printers can produce up to 3 reusable face respirators a day, and larger printers, like Benchmark School’s, can print up to 40 face shields a day.
Benchmark joined other schools in the region who have donated the use of their 3D printers, which PPE Fab Crew promises, “will be loved as if they were their own.” PPE Fab Crew have a team of volunteers sourcing material, operating, printing, and distributing this equipment. As of Thursday, April 16, the group has donated face shields to over 145 medical and essential personnel settings and hit a new milestone: the creation and distribution of 2,500 face shields.

Emma Mattesky, Director of Innovation (and manager of the makerspace) at Benchmark School says, “It’s an honor for Benchmark to join together with the maker community in supporting the creation of equipment to help our nurses and doctors perform their jobs safely. With our campus closed, our printer had been idle, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to this cause.”

Thanks to the efforts of this group, and every organization and individual who’ve donated equipment, time, and money, thousands of Philadelphia-area medical professionals are more protected as they work to restore those afflicted with the virus back to health.

PPE Fab Crew rely on donations, and they have a GoFundMe page.

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