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Benchmark Magazine Winter 2020 cover

In this issue of Benchmark Magazine, we explore arts integration—an instructional approach where the visual and performing arts are included across the curriculum—as an important articulation of our larger focus on innovation in instruction.

A Musical Message of Kindness

Students in Mrs. Arabia's class have been learning about kindness and inclusivity. When our music teacher Mrs. Veacock shared the song "Yay, People" from City Love with the students, they liked it so much that they convinced Mrs. Veacock that they should make a video as a surprise.

Basket building

What might you need to survive in a hunter-gatherer society? As a follow-on activity to Nicole Scali’s sixth grade social studies lesson on the Stone Age, she asked her students to create functional hunter-gatherer baskets using only glue, 80 strips of paper, brushes, and a plan.


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