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PA Tax Credit Programs

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Make your gift go further. Would you give Benchmark $5,000 if it only cost you $500?
The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program is a way for you to make a gift to Benchmark School go even further. Pennsylvania is a unique state that permits you to direct up to 90% of your personal or corporate state tax liability toward Benchmark School.

For example: if you determine that you will owe $5,000 in PA state taxes, you can direct that to Benchmark School and pay only $500 (which is also deductible on your federal income tax).
Benchmark awards approximately $1.5 million in financial assistance each year. Gifts through PA’s EITC program will greatly offset this amount and enable us to help more students receive the Benchmark education that they need and deserve.

How to Participate

Individuals and businesses are able to participate in Pennsylvania’s EITC program by joining a SPE (Special Purpose Entity) that has already applied for tax credits from the state. You would determine your tax liability for the year, and then we can then help you find a SPE that is able to receive that money. There are a number of SPEs you can join, and some have a minimum donation requirement. Here are just a few that we have worked with in the past:
Pennsylvania Education Partnership

Some of these entities have a minimum participation amount, but it is also dependent on how much money in tax credits they have to fill. Whether you need more information or are ready to enroll, please email Lauren Ainsworth in Benchmark’s Development Office or call 610-565-3741 x149.

Frequently Asked Questions

For some, becoming familiar with the procedures around making an EITC gift can seem overwhelming. The Benchmark Development Office is here to help you at every step. 

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Supporting Organizations

The following contributions from corporations and businesses through the EITC and OSTC programs enabled Benchmark families to receive more than $3.5 million in financial aid. 

AIM Scholarship 1 LLC
Aqua America, Inc.
Becker & Frondorf
Beneficial Bank
Brock Premier Culinary Services
Bryn Mawr Trust Company
Burns Engineering, Inc.
Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS)
Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund
Chek Med Systems, Inc.
Deb Capital LLC
Devon Consulting, Inc.
DNB First
Elizco, Inc.
Employee Benefit Specialist, Inc.
EPM Apparel LLC
First Niagara
Fishman & Tobin, Inc.
Glenmede Trust Company, NA
Graham Partners, Inc.
Harmelin Media
HSC Builders & Construction Managers
Huff United
Idyll, Ltd.
Jewish Scholarship, LLC
Keystone Health Plan, East
Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.
Markel Corporation
McLean Packaging Corporation
Montgomery Avenue II LLC
Mutual Fire Foundation, Inc.
Neurologic Health Associates, PC
Omni Cable Corp.
Origlio Beverage
PA Partners for Education, LLC
Pennsylvania Education Partnership LLC
Pennsylvania EITC/OSTC Scholarship #2, LLC
Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Pro-Tech Floors
Republic Bank
Ryan Advisory Services
S & S Realty Associates, Inc.
Silverback Educational Foundation
SofterWare, Inc.
Spivack & Spivack, LLC
Stein Realty Capital, LP
Stellar Solutions LLC
UGI Energy Services
UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Unisys Corporation
Utica National Insurance Group
Veterans Financial, Inc.
Wilmington Trust of Pennsylvania
Wind River Holdings, LP


Lauren Ainsworth
Director of Annual Giving
610-565-3741, ext. 149