Nominate an Outstanding Alum

Criteria and Nominating Procedure

The Benchmark School Outstanding Alum Award has been presented each year at the Middle School Celebration of Accomplishments and Graduation for more than 35 years.  The award serves two purposes:

  1. To honor a graduate of Benchmark School who epitomizes the characteristics outlined in the "Profile of a Benchmark Graduate" below, and who has achieved success in his/her chosen field and/or academic program.
  2. To provide graduating students, younger students, and parents with an opportunity to hear from a graduate who has used his/her Benchmark experience to overcome obstacles and to succeed in school and in life.

In June, the Outstanding Alum is presented with a certificate and a gift from the school and is asked to speak to the audience of students, parents and guests for about 10 minutes, sharing reflections on his/her own journey, and words of encouragement for those in the audience.

To nominate a graduate for this award, please complete the form below by March 30.  All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of school personnel, parents, and students, and a recipient of the award will be chosen.  Parents, former parents, students, former students, faculty and staff may nominate graduates for this award.

Profile of a Benchmark Graduate

Benchmark graduates are self-regulated learners who possess the following characteristics and skills:

  • They are self-advocates who understand their strengths and challenges 
  • They understand and accept their unique approach to learning
  • They apply executive skills and learning strategies to achieve their goals
  • They are persistent and resilient, viewing setbacks as opportunities to learn
  • They are flexible, recognizing the value of considering alternative perspectives and revising their plans as needed
  • They are confident in their abilities and have an expectation of success
  • They are passionate about learning 
  • They form relationships with people to help support their success
  • They actively participate in and contribute to the culture of the classroom, school, and/or community in respectful and meaningful ways

Outstanding Alumni Nomination Form


Eleanor Gensemer
Head of Middle School