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Why Benchmark?

What makes us different from other schools?
When your bright child has a learning difference, you want to be sure that you are choosing an educational home where your child will be understood, supported, and able to thrive.

Here are five reasons why Benchmark School is the right place for your child.

Our Technique

This is the only place to get a Benchmark education: an education that provides your child with the skills to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

This is the only place where your child can benefit from an academic foundation formed by the exclusive and holistic Benchmark Approach.

Reading group instruction

executive function skills expertise

Many students with ADHD and other learning differences struggle with executive function skills—these essential processes that allow students to manage tasks and work purposefully toward goals.

At Benchmark School, we are experts in helping students develop executive function skills. Indeed, executive function skills instruction is at the heart of our educational program.

With decades of experience and techniques in hand, we know how to provide children with the precise level of support they need to take control of their own thinking, make good decisions, and achieve goals. These are the skills that our students carry with them throughout their schooling and in life to plan, organize, keep focus, be persistent, regulate their emotions, and adapt to change.

StUdent Self-Knowledge

Our methods teach children to understand themselves as learners—their strengths, their preferences, and the strategies that aid their success. This self-knowledge builds confidence and empowers students to speak up for their needs, deepening their learning experience.

Benchmark graduates are known and respected for their self-knowledge and self-advocacy, and they carry this knowledge of themselves as learners with them to high school, college, and beyond.

Our Longevity

At its founding in 1970, Benchmark School was an educational pioneer in supporting children who learn differently, and it remains so today.

In our more than five decades of helping children with learning differences, we have graduated thousands of students who have gone on to thrive educationally and professionally.

Our time-tested approach and proven successes are unparalleled.

Beyond Benchmark

By the time Benchmark students are ready to leave our school at the end of eighth grade, they are fully equipped with the tools and strategies that they will use to thrive in high school.

We know that choosing the right high school for your child—a school that will support and advance your child’s personal academic and emotional growth—is a big decision, and our dedicated Transition Team supports your child and your family through every step of the process of selecting a high school.

Our Transition Team provides in-depth, intentionally collaborative support for your family that you will find nowhere else. We meet with you to provide you with our insights on your child’s educational profile and learning styles, and to discuss your family’s desires and the relative merits of local high schools.

Benchmark’s Transition Team empowers families to make the smoothest transition and find the right fit for your child’s future educational home.


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