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Beyond Benchmark

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Benchmark equips students to be successful in high school, and also helps each family find the "right fit" next educational home for their student.
Benchmark School’s intentional 1st to 8th grade experience equips students with the tools they need to succeed academically. By the time our students graduate, they have developed into confident and strategic thinkers, learners, and problem solvers who take responsibility for their own outcomes. 

Benchmark’s dedicated Transition Team partners with your child and your family through every step of the process of selecting a high school.

Our Transition Team provides in-depth, intentionally collaborative support for your family that you will find nowhere else. We meet with you to provide you with our insights on your child’s educational profile and learning styles, and to discuss your family’s desires and the relative merits of local high schools. Benchmark’s Transition Team empowers families to make the smoothest transition and find the right fit for your child’s future educational home.

High Schools

Our graduates attend many outstanding high schools after leaving Benchmark. Teachers and administrators in their receiving schools consistently note that Benchmark students are as exceptionally well-prepared, articulate, and confident self-advocates.

What They're Saying

When I came to Benchmark, my teachers individualized things for me and saw what worked and what didn't. Being here helped me gain the confidence I need to both do schoolwork and to contact teachers and ask for help if I need it. My time at Benchmark helped me grow in every major way.

Anna Lodge '13

Advocating for yourself is the biggest lesson I learned [at Benchmark], and I can’t stress enough how much it’s helped me professionally and personally. 

Lauren Pyle '04

Benchmark taught me the skills I needed to enter high school and college, like time management. I've used those skills throughout my academics. Benchmark has a special place in my heart. Jordyn Curry '17

Blake Fox speaks at gala

Thriving Alumni

Having gained self-knowledge, self-confidence, and the "tools in their toolboxes" to help them achieve success, Benchmark graduates go on to thrive in their next stages. Read more about the fascinating lives and career paths some of our alumni have chosen on our Alumni page. 

Above, Blake Fox '17 speaks warmly about his Benchmark experience at our 50th Anniversary Gala. 

Alumni success stories

College List

Virtually all of Benchmark graduates go on to attend a wide range of colleges, universities, and graduate schools. This a sample of the many institutions where our graduates have advanced their education.


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