College List

We are extremely proud of the tremendous progress our students make while they are attending Benchmark. Students graduate with a personal learning plan and the knowledge and skills needed for success. However, the most convincing evidence demonstrating the strength of our program comes from how well our students do after they leave Benchmark. Our proven educational model has culminated in nearly half a century of student achievement.

Our graduates attend outstanding schools immediately after graduation and are consistently acknowledged by teachers and administrators of high schools as exceptionally well-prepared, articulate, and confident self- advocates.

Additionally, virtually all of Benchmark graduates go on to higher education, many attending some of our nation's top colleges, universities, and graduate schools.  Below is a sampling of institutions of higher education attended by Benchmark alumni.

 Benchmark has had one of the biggest impacts on my life. I know for a fact that without Benchmark, I would not have gotten into PSU and may not have even graduated high school. Benchmark gave me the tools and ability to succeed, and I can never thank them enough. 

Michael Jones '14, attending Penn State University