Alumni Survey

In a recent independent survey, our alumni shared their thoughts on their Benchmark School experience. The results were overwhelmingly consistent and positive.

  • 100% rated the teacher quality high/very high.

  • 99% rated the quality of education high/very high.

  • 98% agreed/strongly agreed that Benchmark "Taught me to think critically, reason analytically, and solve problems."

  • 98% would recommend Benchmark to a family considering the school.

  • 97% indicated Benchmark did an excellent/good job of developing their creative thinking skills.

  • 96% reported they were highly/very highly satisfied with their student experience.
  • 96% agreed/strongly agreed Benchmark prepared them well for 
    their next school.

  • 95% agreed/strongly agreed "Benchmark helped me become independent and confident."

  • 95% agreed/strongly agreed that "As a Benchmark student, I was regularly   
    challenged to meet my potential."

  • 94% reported that Benchmark did an excellent/good job of teaching them "to advocate for my learning needs."

  • 93% agreed/strongly agreed that "Benchmark worked because the teachers really knew me and my family."

  • 93% agreed/strongly agreed that "Benchmark helped me develop high standards and expectations for myself."

I use my Benchmark skills almost every day in high school. I have found that I may not be the best learner, but I am one of the best at knowing how to learn thanks to Benchmark. 

Pat Pearson '10, Archbishop Carroll High School '14