Bridges to academic success

Benchmark’s educational model is designed to facilitate the successful transition to a traditional high school environment.
Benchmark School’s intentional 1st— 8th grade experience equips students with the tools to succeed in any academic setting. Students develop into confident and strategic thinkers, learners, and problem solvers who take responsibility for their own outcomes. High school is the optimal time for our students to take the next step, testing what they have learned and applying it independently while still in a supportive home environment.
Benchmark’s Transition Team partners with families to identify the best fit for their child’s secondary education.
Benchmark's Transition Counselors:
  • Conduct parent meetings
  • Meet individually or in groups with students, including weekly classes with 8th grade students about the transition process
  • Coordinate applications and recommendations for independent schools (day or boarding)
  • Guide families through the process of getting an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan or Program) for public school transition
  • Visit and keep in contact with matriculating schools
We are extremely proud of the tremendous progress our students make while they are attending Benchmark. Students graduate with a personal learning plan and the knowledge and skills needed for success. However, the most convincing evidence demonstrating the strength of our program comes from how well our students do after they leave Benchmark. Our proven educational model has culminated in nearly half a century of student achievement. Our graduates attend outstanding schools immediately after graduation and are consistently acknowledged by teachers and administrators of high schools as exceptionally well-prepared, articulate, and confident self- advocates. Virtually all of Benchmark graduates go on to higher education, many attending some of our nation's top colleges, universities, and graduate schools. 
Transition Counselors
Amy Eads
Kim Munday
"A lot of kids are figuring out who they are and how they learn in high school. I had the advantage of doing that in middle school at Benchmark so that I could use what I learned about myself in high school."
Talley Hummer '16 
“I cannot possibly put into words how much of an impact Benchmark has had upon my success as a student and beyond!”
Lauren Pyle '04
Denison University '12
Recipient of Denison's William R. Dresser Love of Learning Award
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