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Executive Function Skills

The development of executive function processes is the hallmark of the Benchmark experience.

A Benchmark education provides each child with the keys to unlock his or her unique potential. In-depth assessments determine individual strengths and challenges. A comprehensive academic program is created and tailored to the way each student learns best. This holistic approach addresses students' emotional and social well-being, as well as their academic, physical, and artistic development.

Benchmark's research-based strategies help our students:

  • Build confidence that enables them to actively engage and find enjoyment in academic and social activities
  • Develop ownership of a wide range of cognitive strategies and conceptual frameworks that will assist them across academic and social settings
  • Develop an awareness of their own strengths and challenges
  • Develop essential learning characteristics such as flexibility, persistence, active involvement, reflectivity, and organization
  • Develop social and emotional knowledge that enables them to interact with respect and caring and to collaborate effectively
  • Develop the ability to self-regulate their own learning so that they can flexibly and creatively apply their conceptual and strategic knowledge in any situation.

When our students are ready to graduate, they have developed the essential executive function processes and 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration, are confident self-advocates and efficient and effective learners, and can take take ownership of their academic, social, and emotional success. Benchmark graduates emerge exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education and their lives.

Benchmark is the absolute best model of how instruction and research are integrated. Teachers routinely reflect on their practice and how it benefits students. The staff work together for the benefit of the students.
Diane Barone, Ed.D., Professor of Literacy, University of Nevada, Reno