Instructional Foundation

Our gifted teachers are at the core of the transformative education provided at Benchmark School and The Seven Pillars of Benchmark Instruction provide the overarching framework for all that they do.

The teachers at Benchmark are widely recognized by students, parents, receiving schools, and visiting scholars as being exceptional. Their unparalleled level of expertise in teaching students who learn differently is a reflection of their deep commitment to excellence and innovation.

Benchmark faculty and staff work with renowned experts in cognition, language, psychology, and education to hone their skills and translate the latest research into cutting edge practice. They attend seminars, conduct research, publish articles, present at national conferences, and train other teachers in the U.S. and around the world.

While Benchmark teachers continually evolve in their practice and adjust their approach to meet the needs of their students, their instructional decisions are consistently grounded in a research-based instructional framework that distills the most essential components of a Benchmark education. The flexible, creative, and collaborative implementation of this framework is at the root of the success of our graduates in high school, college, and beyond.

The Seven Pillars of Benchmark Instruction

When I came to Benchmark, my teachers individualized things for me and saw what worked and what didn't. Being here helped me gain the confidence I need to both do schoolwork and to contact teachers and ask for help if I need it. My time at Benchmark helped me grow in every major way.
Anna Lodge, Benchmark '13, Great Valley High School '16,
attending Rider College