A Focus on Individualized Instruction

Instruction Tailored to the Way Each Student Learns Best: Small classes and a low student-teacher ratio provide ample opportunities for differentiation and individual attention. Teachers take the time to get to know and partner with each student and his or her family.
At Benchmark we focus on who each child is as a learner rather than on labels such as dyslexic, ADD/ADHD, or learning disabled. There are a variety of cognitive, social, and emotional characteristics that interact in unique ways for each child. Each child presents a distinct combination of strengths and weaknesses that affects that child's learning.  Based on that information, we design an instructional plan that is customized for that particular student.

An integral part of our process is helping students understand themselves as learners, helping them develop into strong self-advocates who can take control of their own learning.

Since many children enter Benchmark as beginning readers struggling to identify unknown words, we work to teach students a variety of decoding strategies. We help students understand how our language works, including connections between decoding, spelling, and vocabulary.

In all content areas, students are taught to integrate and apply thinking and studying strategies most appropriate to the text, the task, the situation, and their individual cognitive styles and learner characteristics.
"We credit all the great people at Benchmark for getting Jay on track academically, allowing him to succeed...and giving him wings to fly.We just wanted to reinforce how life changing you all are for our kids and how we are grateful.Benchmark really makes a difference in a young person's opportunities. I will never forget when we first found you and how much hope you gave us."  Alumni Parent
“I cannot stress enough how important self-advocacy is when moving on after Benchmark…. I developed the ability to ask for help – in my mind by far the most important skill for ANY graduate of any school to have.”  —Benchmark Alumnus

"Benchmark provided me with the skills and strategies that I could not have learned anywhere else. I was prepared for high school where I am excelling."  —Sophia Truono '14, Archmere Academy '17, University of Delaware