Faculty and Staff Provide a Dynamic Continuum of Communication and Care

A collaborative team of teacher-mentors and professional counseling staff partner with parents to develop the whole child.
 I visited seven different schools to find a “fit” for my boys and no other school could come close to providing the level of social, emotional and family help that Benchmark Child & Family Support Services does.  It is something that truly sets Benchmark so far apart from the other regional LD schools and I feel it cannot be stressed enough.
- Suzanne Heckendorn, Benchmark Parent 
At Benchmark, every student is known and appreciated. Students thrive in a calming, structured, safe learning environment where they feel understood and accepted — able to focus on their studies.

Focused on nurturing every aspect of a child’s development, Benchmark provides professional guidance in helping children address the social and emotional issues that often accompany difficulties in school. Our staff of counseling professionals partner with teachers and parents to provide a dynamic continuum of communication and care to help them address each student’s needs. The staff meets with students and parents both individually and in small groups.
Child and Family Support Services Team
Adam Lemsich, Ph.D., Department Head
Mara Dixon
Thomas Hurster
Rebecca Schindler 
Leslie Stein, Ph.D.
Jenelle Tomov