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This is the only place to get a Benchmark education: an education that provides your child with the skills to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. 

At Benchmark, students benefit from an academic foundation formed by the exclusive and holistic Benchmark Approach.

Our students get to know themselves as learners, and we equip them with the academic tools and strategies they need for success. 

Our approach is intentionally designed to create critical, analytical thinkers with excellent emotional, social, and decision-making skills.

Many students come to Benchmark School with executive function skills challenges. We teach executive function skills—how to plan, how to organize, how to keep focus, how to be persistent, and how to regulate emotions—across the curriculum, embedded in every subject area. 

Learn more about our curriculum in our Lower School and in our Middle School.

In our academic program, We Emphasize:

  • The process of learning
  • The structure of knowledge and high-level concepts
  • Critical thinking and considering multiple perspectives
  • Applying knowledge to design challenges and real-world problems
  • The process of reflection as a tool to help students take charge of their own learning