Professional Organizations & Collaborations

During our five decades, Benchmark has hosted educators from all over the U.S. and indeed the world who are interested in seeing Benchmark in action in order to share our methodologies with their colleagues and students.

In addition, we are privileged to work with dozens of outstanding professionals and researchers from the fields of reading education, psychology, diversity education, math, design thinking, and science who routinely collaborate with our staff and faculty and share their expertise with us.

Collaborations within the United States

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International Collaborations

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Professional Associations

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Our faculty and staff belong to a number of professional associations including:

Benchmark School Staff Visiting Springer School

Benchmark School is a one-of-a-kind place – not only because of its mission, but because of the way it goes about pursuing it. Instead of relying on an endless arsenal of carrots and sticks, Benchmark taps students’ innate desire to learn, which helps them develop persistence, creativity, and other capacities crucial to their future success.

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