Our Students

For five decades, Benchmark has been helping bright students who have yet to reach their academic potential become confident and strategic thinkers, learners, and problem solvers who meet with success in school and life.
From the day students begin at Benchmark School, we help them grow as learners by scaffolding their instruction—providing as much as support as is needed but no more than is necessary—as they move toward independence.  
Two girls examine rocks
The students at Benchmark School are bright children in grades 1-8 who have yet to unlock their full academic potential in their current school placements. Their challenges in learning are related to how they process language and/or a mismatch of their learning styles and the instruction they have received.
Benchmark School admits children who often arrive at Benchmark having been identified as having a learning difference, an auditory processing deficit, or a perceptual difficulty. Other students have been identified as having dyslexia, being reading disabled or learning disabled, or exhibiting ADD/ADHD. These labels provide a starting point for understanding the issues that correlate with the students' progress in school.
However, experience has taught us that there is great variability within each label. Consequently at Benchmark we develop a detailed understanding of each student’s particular strengths and challenges and use this profile as a basis for individualized instruction
Our goal is to meet students where they are, so that they will experience success and develop the confidence that will enable them to take full advantage of the instruction that will help them become successful learners and citizens of the world
Benchmark enrolls approximately 185 full-time students from the five-county Philadelphia region, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware. In addition, a five-week Summer Camp serves more than 230 children who benefit from reading and writing instruction beyond the regular school year, as well as enjoy a recreational day camp experience.  

At Benchmark, everybody learns in a different way. We all learn the same information, but need it presented in different ways. We accept each other's differences and don't judge each other. Benchmark is a place where you don't have to be afraid to be yourself.

Henry, Grade 5