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Our Students

At Benchmark, bright students who learn differently become confident and strategic thinkers, learners, and problem solvers who meet with success in school and life.

From the day students begin at Benchmark School, we help them grow as learners by scaffolding their instruction—providing support but no more than is necessary—as they move toward independence.  

At Benchmark, we develop a deep understanding of each student’s particular strengths and challenges, and we set goals to allow them to take full advantage of the instruction.

When students experience success at Benchmark, they develop the competence and confidence that will enable them to become successful learners and self-advocates. 

“Labels Are for Jelly Jars”

Benchmark School supports children who have learning differences like dyslexia or dysgraphia, reading or learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, or executive function skills challenges. These labels provide a starting point for understanding the issues that correlate with the students' progress in school.

However, experience has taught us that there is great variability within each label, and that even though these labels can have value, they fail to tell the whole story. Our school founder Dr. Irene Gaskins was fond of declaring, “Labels are for jelly jars,” stressing that each child must be considered holistically.