50th Anniversary

Benchmark School is celebrating 50 years of transforming children's futures. Here, we are proud to share our virtual celebration of our 50th Anniversary year.

COVID-19 has curtailed our plans to gather and celebrate in person, so we have turned to the medium of video. Through video, we are exploring and sharing our past from the time of our founding to present day. 

We created five videos over the course of the year—one for each decade of Benchmark's history.


To begin, we revisited our founding decade: the 1970s. Listen to our founder, Dr. Irene Gaskins, and other pivotal players in Benchmark's history, reveal the stories behind how our school came to be.


We reflect on the 1990s in this video, looking back at the maturation of our program, the arts enhancements, and the expansion of our middle school. 


Travel back in time to watch as Benchmark refined our instructional techniques, expanded the beloved summer program, and launched the middle school.


In our video celebrating the 2000s, we look at the changes wrought by technology in the classroom, the construction of our middle school wing and our performing arts center, and the advent of Robb Gaskins's leadership of Benchmark. 


In this final video featuring the 2010s (and beyond), we share our embrace of innovation, our change of leadership, the experience of a COVID year, and finally offer thoughts and hopes for Benchmark's future.